We use State of the Art
Electronic Digital Proofing

Personal group photo with your pet
Classic breed portrait
Pet glamour costume poses (costume available at session or bring your own favorite!)
12 -15 poses to choose from;
various Portrait packages available

James Bass, owner and photographer, has a remarkable ability to capture the character of your pet. He has extensive experience in both people and pet photography. He has even photographed exotic animals including cougars, lions, snakes and birds. We know you will be happy you chose us!

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Note if you are an individual interested in a portrait of your pet, contact your local groomer, veterinarian, or pet store and tell them about us!

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State of the Art

On Site Digital Proofing.


We travel to your location - groomers, veterinarians, pet stores, dog shows

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We are loving and caring while photographing your pet!


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